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Rules of Porsche Club Korea (PCK)
(PCK Ver. as of 25 Oct 2018)


Article 1 [Organization and Registration]

  1. Porsche Club Korea (PCK) was officially registered with Porsche AG on April 26th, 2006 and is acknowledged as the one and only official Porsche club in the Republic of Korea.
  2. The current address of PCK is 5F Porsche Building, 401 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Daechi-dong) or any other addresses as may be decided by the Porsche Club Committee.
  3. Activities of PCK within Korea are to be supervised by the PCK Committee appointed in accordance with these Rules of PCK.
  4. Regional branches of PCK are to be called Porsche Club Korea, Region - (Name), and they must be approved by the Committee in advance. (Refer to the organization chart of PCK).
  5. PCK is a completely non-political and non-profit organization created solely for the purpose of enjoying Porsche automobiles with members.


Article 2 [Goals of Committee (Organization)]

The PCK Committee shall stick to the following goals:

  1. To share information about PCK and its activities with members of PCK and recruit new members;
  2. To increase PCK members’ interest and awareness for Porsche automobiles, share technical information, and support for car maintenance and status;
  3. To create motor sports and leisure activities for members of PCK;
  4. To promote safety awareness for members of PCK ensuring compliance with lawful and ethical driving in accordance to road conditions; and
  5. To be an exemplary and private entity promoting the Porsche brand, coordinating with legitimate Porsche dealers in Korea for mutual development.


Article 3 [Members]

Members of PCK are divided into different types, as described below:


Official members

  1. Official members are adults who must be 18 years of age and are owners of the Porsche automobile(s), registered in accordance with the terms of official membership.
  2. Owners of Porsche may apply to register as members, but they must obtain approval of the PCK Committee.
  3. Each official member is recognized with their unique PCK membership number upon registration.

Family members

If a person may not own a Porsche vehicle but have a Porsche owner as a family member, it is possible to fulfill some of the PCK privileges.. 

Associate members

  1. A person may or may not own a Porsche vehicle to become an associate member. An associate member is limited in their access to the official PCK website.
  2. Associate members do not have the right to vote in this club.

Honorary members

  1. The first president of PCK
  2. The CEO of PKO (Porsche Korea: hereinafter referred to as PKO)
  3. Persons designated by the PCK Committee


Article 4 [Effective period and rights of PCK members]

1. Period

  • The qualification of PCK members is valid for 1 year from January 1st to December 31st. 


2. Membership fee

  • The annual registration fee for official members of PCK is 500,000 Korean won.
  • The membership fee of PCK after the registering year is to be determined at the annual general meeting.
  • The fee is reduced to 50% for members who register on or after September 1st.
  • If a member is dismissed by an action of the PCK Committee, the member is to be refunded with the membership fee for the remaining period, calculating from the time of dismissal. However, this refund shall not apply to the cases in which members withdraw membership at their will.


3. Rights

All official members have the right to enjoy all benefits provided by PCK, including the following benefits:

  • Invitation to all events hosted by PCK (members may participate in events with Porsche Cars Only);
  • Unlimited access to all menus on the PCK website;
  • Discount for PSD products purchased using a PCK membership card and discount for parts and services at Porsche service centers; and
  • Voting rights.


Article 5 [Application for and renewal of PCK membership]

Application to register

Persons who apply to register as members of PCK may submit the applications and required documents to PCK Committee, and the PCK Committee will review and approve the application within one week. The PCK membership director will then inform the applicant of their acceptance or rejection. Accepted members are required to pay the appropriate registration fee within the given due date, and PCK membership application will be completed.


Mandatory information required for new online membership

  1.  Name, name in English, gender, address, date of birth, phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, Porsche model owned, production year, vehicle number, VIN# (last 6 digits), ownership status (if on lease, required to submit a document proving the relationship with the contractor), occupation and position at work, t-shirt size, salesperson in charge, participation in PSDS. 
  2. Members’ personal information is strictly protected by the Personal Data Protection Act. 


Registration procedure

  1. Porsche sales representatives are encouraged to actively recommend Porsche customers to join PCK. Those willing to join PCK should be guided to the PCK website for online application. (Parallel import, classic vehicles and non-owners shall also apply online.)
  2. Member registration is only available online and the registration fee can only be paid via the designated bank account of PCK.
  3. Persons who apply to become official members must submit information needed for review by the PCK committee, pay their membership fee and go through the review procedure.
  4. Upon the successful completion of the review procedure, members are approved and the results are notified via personal memo, e-mail or other communication methods. If a person is rejected, the fee paid by the person must be refunded as quickly as possible.  


Renewable of membership

Members shall renew official membership (December 1st ~ 27th of each year) by paying the annual membership fee 30 days before expiration and maintaining ownership of a Porsche vehicle. If the deadline for the membership renewal has passed, they will need to follow the same procedure as the application procedure of new members (also subject to review).  


Article 6 [Cancellation and termination of PCK membership]

Cancellation of membership

  1. A member must own a Porsche vehicle as an official member of PCK. If a member sells their Porsche vehicle and is no longer an owner of one, a 6 month period of transition may be honored before the next purchase of a Porsche vehicle to maintain their official membership status for PCK. Relevant details of this nature should be informed to the PCK Committee.
  2. A member who loses their membership must remove the PCK logo from their respective vehicle.  


Suspension and deprivation of membership

  1. The PCK Committee has authority to suspend or deprive the membership who violates the code of ethics or conduct for the club, or shows any inappropriate behavior that may also be determined as inappropriate for the club through a majority voting of members or a resolution of the PCK Committee as appropriate. However, the membership fee previously paid shall be refunded for the remaining period, calculated from the time of dismissal. The general grounds for dismissal of official members shall apply rules of PCK under Article 8 [Operation] and Article 10 [Member Compliances].
  2. Renewal after suspension of membership: If an official member wishes to return after being suspended for a certain period, the member shall undergo the same qualification review as new members and a separate review of the Committee.  


Article 7 [Committee]

The PCK Committee will make decisions for issues related to activities and operations of the PCK.

The composition of the PCK Committee operating PCK is as follows:


1. Committee members

Committee members: President / Vice President / General Affairs Director / 

Financial Director / Membership Director / Motor Sports Director / 

External Relations Director / Special Advisor / A PKO staff who is in charge of PCK (No voting rights) / Auditor (if needed)


2. Roles and tasks of the Committee

President: The President of PCK represents PCK in all external affairs and acts as the chairman of all general meetings and Committee meetings. The president has a right to designate one of the Committee members to host a meeting if both the President and Vice President are absent.

Vice President: The VP of PCK assists the President and acts on behalf of the President in the case of his/ her absence. The Vice President is also in charge of external affairs. Otherwise, the President may designate a separate External Affairs Director.

General Affairs Director: The General Affairs Director of PCK stores all records of the club except for financial records and is responsible for accuracy of the records. The General Director is obliged to prepare the minutes of all general meetings and committee meetings, share the minutes with the participating committee members before closing of the meetings, and receive signatures of all participating committee members for the minutes. The General Director manages the up-to-date list of members and all other documents as required by the committee. The general director performs tasks of the club in accordance with the rules of the club and writes guidelines for general meetings and the committee. The General Director is in charge of handling all letters and managing the PCK website.

Financial Director: The Financial Director of PCK manages all funds of the club and is in charge of all expenditures, accurately recording books on monetary transactions. The Financial Director also manages the bank account on behalf of the club and must be able to present the details of the bank account to the committee at any time. Special expenditures other than ordinary expenses shall obtain approval of the PCK Committee. Ordinary expenses refer to expenses to conduct official events and tasks of the club such as regular gatherings, national gatherings and others. 

Membership Director: The Membership Director of PCK arbitrates all problems related to members and handles new member applications, member renewal applications and memos (e-mail messages). The membership manager updates the up-to-date list of members at a 15-day interval. PKO is granted with a separate super administrator ID to internally share information about vehicles owned by members so that there are no issues/ conflict in providing benefits to members.

 Motor Sports Director: The Motor Sports Director of PCK is in charge of all online and offline motor sports activities including all events related to driving. When hosting an event that gathers a large number of members, the motor sports manager must secure safety of members by visiting the event site in advance. Monthly regular gatherings shall be announced 20 days in advance and must be visited beforehand.

External Relations Director: The Vice President takes the portfolio of External Relations Director. However, of the Vice President is unable to hold the post as External Relations Directors, the President shall designate an External Relations Director. The External Relations Director is generally in charge of public relations, external cooperation and PCK membership card management. 

Special Advisor: The PCK Special Advisor is appointed by the President amongst the former PCK committee members who has a high degree of understanding of the PCK activities for various advices required for the Committee operations. It is also possible to serve as an auditor on request.


3. Advisor group

Honorary President: The most previous President of PCK shall become the Honorary President of PCK. The Honorary President shall cooperate with the current President upon request to provide advices and help prevent vacancies in the tasks of the committee based on past experiences. The Honorary President cannot participate in the committee but may be requested by the committee to participate depending on the matter. The Honorary President may access the online page of the PCK Committee.

Advisor: The President before the previous term shall become the Advisor of PCK. The Advisor cannot participate in the committee but may be requested by the committee to participate depending on the matter. The Advisor may access the online page of the PCK Committee. 

Honorary Advisors: Former presidents of PCK shall become Honorary Advisors of PCK. 


Article 8 [Operation]

Members of the PCK Committee are approved at the annual general meeting every 2 years, and qualifications are as follows:

  1. Members who can maintain a cooperative and amicable relationship with PKO and other dealer companies;
  2. Members who have been continuously active in PCK for at least 1 year and have adequate knowledge in the operation of PCK;
  3. Members who do not attempt to seek interests of a personal business or affiliated business through the club (except for non-profit organizations like charity and volunteer organizations) and do not have a record or potential of dispute with other members;
  4. Members who have never been in a competitive relation or a civil or commercial dispute of any type with PKO and other dealer companies;
  5. Members who own an officially released Porsche vehicle under their name (or spouse) or name of the company for which they are working for;
  6. Members without records of civil and criminal crimes corresponding to a fine or heavier punishment and who are socially appropriate to become managers of PCK;
  7. Members who can dedicate their time for the club to organize and participate in various events and regular driving occasions of the club; and
  8. Members who are not concurrently working as managers of another automobile club.
  9. The term of members of the PCK Committee shall be 2 years, but they can be reappointed and serve consecutive terms for maximum 4 years. A term is from January 1st after the end of the previous term until December 31st of 2 years later.


Article 9 [Election of President and committee members]

  1. Members who have served at least one year as a PCK committee member and trustful and dedicated member of PCK can run for the President of PCK. Only members who are not in conflict with Article 8, must submit a formal candidature to the current committee before the candidature, and may be eligible for examination for candidacy in accordance with the official membership application procedure. Candidates shall be elected by majority vote in the PCK committee or AGM of the year.
  2. The next committee members shall be selected by the newly elected President and shall be one who is consistent with Article 8 [Operation].
  3. The next president and members of the PCK committee shall be ratified by obtaining more than 50% of the vote from the attending members of the PCK at the annual general meeting (AGM).
  4. A vacancy in the committee caused by resignation may be filled for the remaining term by another member of the Committee or an official member agreed by the PCK Committee.


Article 10 [Member Compliances]

  1. All official members of PCK agree that the PCK committee can possess their personal information (address, phone number and vehicle owned) solely for activities of PCK.
  2. Members of PCK shall not disclose personal information and appearance of members to a third party other than official members.
  3. Activities of this club shall not be utilized to advertise other unrelated institutions, organizations and products.
  4. PCK has all rights related to press coverage and filming of various events hosted by the club. There are no restrictions on personal possession of videos taken, but they must be approved by the committee in order to be shared, broadcasted or published via SNS and other external sources.


Article 11 [Club Goods]

  1. The names or logos or any other Porsche trademarks must be approved by the club committee and PKO in making goods. PAG reserves the right to use its trademark.
  2. The General Director shall prepare receipts and any records of disbursements on the stock of trademarks and other goods relevant to the club, undergoing two due diligence audits every year, and reporting to the committee. There must be a warehouse to store the goods.
  3.  Various plaques, appreciation certificates and prizes received by the PCK Committee on behalf of official members shall be stored by the General Director and handed over to the subsequent committee.  These will be maintained as historic contents of the club, after announcing the awards to official members through the club website. The General Director shall annually report the award status to the committee for management.


Article12 [Meetings]

Meetings of the PCK Committee

The meetings of the PCK Committee takes place on the first week of each month. The place and time of the subsequent meeting shall be determined at the end of each meeting.

The meetings of the PCK Committee are only valid if 5 or more members of the committee or the majority are present, and all decisions are to be made by majority voting of the participating committee members. If a violating act or mention occurs, the corresponding member can be deprived of qualification through voting.

A member of the PCK Committee who fails to participate in 3 consecutive committee meetings without explaining a valid reason to the General Director is automatically dismissed from the PCK Committee. A successor appointed by the committee shall fill the vacancy until the next annual general meeting.

Annual general meetings (AGM) 

  1. The annual general meetings take place every year. The date, time and place of the general meetings shall be decided by the PCK Committee.
  2. Agenda of the annual general meetings include the following items:
  • Presentation of the PCK report for the previous year by the PCK Committee;
  • Presentation of the financial report for the current year;
  • Appointment of the subsequent committee every 2 years; and
  • Handling of matters related to club activities.
  • Election of President
  • Only official members of PCK have a voting right at the annual general meetings.

       3. Special General Meetings

  • The special general meetings shall take place if they are deemed as necessary by members of the PCK Committee.


Article 13 [Documents and Books]

This club shall keep the following documents and books:

  1. Rules;
  2. List of official members;
  3. Books and documents on revenue and expenditure;
  4. Minutes of committee meetings;
  5. Minutes of general meetings;
  6. Other necessary documents and books; and
  7. Breakdown of goods in stock, plaques, appreciation certificates, etc.


Article 14 [Amendment of Rules]

The Rules are basically to be revised at the general meeting. However, if necessary, it may also be amended by 80% or more votes of the PCK Committee, and if requested for revision and consultation and permitted by the representative of PKO who represents Porsche AG in Korea.


Article 15 [Obligations of PCK Committee to Porsche AG]

The PCK Committee and its members shall comply with the guidelines stipulated on Porsche Club Manual (PCM) distributed by Porsche AG in the spirit of mutual respect.


Article 16 [Obligations of PCK Members]

  1. It is not possible to open and use websites other than the PCK official website approved by PAG.
  2. Members of PCK who wish to use the logo or name of PCK outside the club website shall fulfill the requirements set forth by the Committee and obtain approval in advance. The use of the PCK logo is prohibited without prior authorization of the PCK Committee.
  3. Members who externally disclose information about activities and members of this club or equivalent information without permission shall take full responsibility for any situations that arise in relation to the disclosure.

This rule is made on October 25, 2018 in favor of the 6th PCK Committee members and consists of 16 articles. 


President:  Jung Suk Yang  

Vice President:  June Kang  

General Affairs Director:  Jae Joon Chang  

Membership Director:  DaeHyuk Kim  

External Relations Director:   Jung Keun Kim

Driving Director:  Jeong Sun You

Busan, Gyeongnam Director:  Dong Myoung Han

Gwangju, Jeonnambuk Director:  Jeong Hun Shin


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